The oscillating knife is mainly installed on the oscillating knife cutting machine, which is powered by the power supply. It uses the servo motor to drive the blade to vibrate up and down at high frequency to cut the material, and the oscillating knife cutting machine can be matched with blades of different shapes and angles to cut flexible materials of different materials. (For example, circular knife, drawknife, half cutter, bevel knife, etc.)

Its material is hard alloy.

It is generally used in textile industry, leather processing industry and packaging industry.

Its advantage is that through the unique tool heads, fast and flexible motion axes, and intelligent and convenient control systems, it can efficiently and accurately realize the cutting of materials, and the cut materials are neat and smooth without the need for secondary processing.

The above photo is a oscillating knife, specifications: 74.5*15.5*0.88, material: tungsten carbide + cobalt, HRA: 85-93.

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