Ножи для резки резины и шин, косые ножи

Tire cutting knives and blades are for slitting, perforating, rewinding, cross cutting, die cutting, guillotine cutting, press cutting and many more. Our machine knives and industrial blades for tire converting and recycling are in straight, circular, toothed, serrated, scalloped, perforoted, interlocked blades for guillotine cutting and many other blades shapes.

Список моделей

Код детали Размер Материал
03001400*50*59CrSi, Cr12MoV, HSS
03002500*50*69CrSi, Cr12MoV, HSS
03003400*260*18СКД-11, ЛД, ХСС
03004400*260*12СКД-11, ЛД, ХСС
03005300*150*20СКД-11, ЛД, ХСС
03007400*270*20СКД-11, ЛД, ХСС
03008300*230*20СКД-11, ЛД, ХСС
03009300*230*20СКД-11, ЛД, ХСС
03028100*20*19CrSi, Cr12MoV, HSS
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