Who We Are?

FeFo is a Chinese leading manufacturer and supplier of standard and custom industrial blades, machine knives, tungsten carbide precision wear parts and other cutting tools. We are in the cutting tool field for more than 20 years. 

What We Do?

FeFo supply all cutting solutions like paper cutting, metal slitting, rubber shearing, waste recycling, food packaging, corrugating, film rewinding, etc. almost covering all industries.

Normally we produce accoding to customers’ drawings, if you don’t have the drawings, just please send us the pictures of what blade, or the sizes you need, we can make the exact drawings out and confirm with you.

Circular slitting cutters & blades

china shaped cutters

Custom shaped knives

FeFo produces industrial blades, knives and wear components are in A2, HSS, M2, D2, SKD-11, Tungsten carbide.,etc different materials according to your requirements and we will give our suggestion depends on your working situation. Our advantage is producing custom shaped knives, like in rubber and tire industry, there’re many shaped custom knives. We’re knives and blades supplier for VMI tire system, Mattieuzzi tire vent trimming machine, Continental, and Bridgestone tire plants over the world…

Carbide wear parts

carbide wear parts

FeFo custom precision wear Resistant components for semiconductor, air conditioning and many more. With Tungsten Carbide materials. According to your drawing or sample or maybe even a hand-drawn sketch, Our engineer can give the final drawing for conformation. We have the capability to manufacture any carbide components, wear parts, and some special tools.

Our knives including:

Air Knife sets     Sharpening of Circular Knives   Sharpening of Straight Knives   Granulator Knives   Strand-pelletizer Knives  Dicer Knives   Hot Cut Knives  Rubber Cutting Knives     Carbide Wear Parts   Shredder Knives     Slitter Knives   Score Cutters    Powder Metal Slitter Knives    Carbide Slitter Knives       Carbide-Insert Knives       Circular Saw       Ultra Precision Tooling     Perforators  Rotary Slitters       Carbide Rotary Slitters        Rotary Spacers    Clad Spacers  Ultra-Light Polyamid Spacers     Steel Stripper Rings      Dished Top Blades   Clad Stripper Rings    Buna/Urethane Stripper Rings       Overarm Separator Discs  Separator Plates    Squaring and Plate Shears    Knife Holders        Curved Crop Shears   Complete Shear Cut sets      Slicer Knives       Core Cutters          Paper Tube cutters      Razor Blades    Carbide Razor Blades      Ceramic Razor Blades      Trimmer Knives   Sheeter Knives   Cut-Off Knives   Serrated Knives   Pin vent trimmers   Coating knives

Our knives are used in different industries:

Metal Processing    Paper slitting      Tissue blades       CardBoard slotting
Tube cutting            Food chopping   Pharmaceutical   Packaging cutting
Rubber & Tire         Plastic shredding    Recycling         Construction
Battery slitting        Film slitting        Corrugated board slitting