Comment bien fabriquer une lame dentée ?

This one type of toothed cutting knife, in 149.7x46x0.75mm, with Tin coating, used on packaging machinery, for cutting courier bags, tearable plastic bags, cut garbage bags, etc.

We used carbon steel SK5(HRC52-54), carborn steel:SK7(HRC58-60),  SS420(HRC48-52), HSS(HRC60-64) three materials, but the testing result indicated HSS is the best one.

The teeth is not so easy to process, it would like the following:


You may think these blades were ground by hand, but actually, they were all ground by grinding machine, so even ground by machine, the processing methods are different, this will cause different results.

The final right one this:

Tin coating toothed blade

149.7x46x0.75mm, HSS material with Tin coating, HRC 62, is the right one can cut plastic bags well.

Please don’t hesitate to contact here if you also need any toothed knives, FEFO is always here to help solving all cutting problems for you.

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