Replacement blades for high-speed corrugated machine

FeFo is China manufacturer and supplier of kinds Tungsten carbide blades, used for corrugated board slitting, metal cutting, plastic shredding, rubber shearing… Just please send us your drawing and pictures, we can produce according to your requirements. The blowing are some common blades sizes for high speed machines, like MARQUIP, HSEIH, VATAN MAKEINA, MITSUBISHI, FOSBER, TCY…

Model List

Part code Size Material
FC-001230-110-1.1mmHSS/Tungsten carbide/D2
FC-002230-135-1.1mmHSS/Tungsten carbide/D2
FC-003220-115-1mmHSS/Tungsten carbide/D2
FC-004240-32-1.2mmHSS/Tungsten carbide/D2
FC-005240-115-1mmHSS/Tungsten carbide/D2
FC-006250-150-0.8mmHSS/Tungsten carbide/D2
FC-007257-135-1.1mmHSS/Tungsten carbide/D2
FC-008260-112-1.5mmHSS/Tungsten carbide/D2
FC-009260-140-1.5mmHSS/Tungsten carbide/D2
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