Doctor blade coils for printing machine

Standard doctor blade has identical blade thickness, within the service life of the blade, it keeps consistent with the contact surface of the roller, therefore, its hue is the same. The blade point has unique polishing processing, will not waste and fit with the roller quickly when start printing.

Model List

Part code Size Material
FDB-001W10*T0.15mm/0.075*1.3* L100mCarbon Steel
FDB-002W20*T0.15mm/0.075*1.3* L100mCarbon Steel
FDB-003W30*T0.15mm/0.075*1.3* L100mCarbon Steel
FDB-004W40*T0.15mm/0.075*1.3* L100mCarbon Steel
FDB-005W50*T0.15mm/0.075*1.3* L100mCarbon Steel
FDB-006W60*T0.15mm/0.075*1.3* L100mCarbon Steel
FDB-007W25*T0.2 mm/0.125*1.7* L100mCarbon Steel
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