Tungsten Carbide Cardboard V Grooving Blades

FeFo produces product range includes machine knives and industrial blades in custom and standard sizes in most industrial applications, packaging, paper slitting, tire manufacturing, rubber converting, plastic cutting and recycling and many others. Our precision industrial blades, machine knives, special tools are manufactured from tool steels (D2, A1, A8, SKD-11), M2 HSS, M4 HSS, various stainless steel, and tungsten carbide grades. Please look our products for more information. FeFo provides highest quality in wear cutting tools. Cardboard grooving tungsten carbide knife slitting cutter blade.

Model List

Part code Size Material
FGV-0145x15x2mmTungsten carbide
FGV-0245x12x2mmTungsten carbide
FGV-0350x12x2mmTungsten carbide
FGV-0450x15x2mmTungsten carbide
FGV-0560x12x2mmTungsten carbide
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