Introduction to machines and blades for the plastic recycling industry

In recent years, as people’s environmental awareness has gradually increased, the plastic recycling industry has also received more and more attention.

Then I will introduce the machine used in the plastic recycling industry and its supporting blades.


Most balers are hydraulic presses, and their main function is to collect the cleaned plastic waste and compress it into blocks.

2.Shaft shredders

The main function of the shaft shredder is to crush and tear plastic materials. (It can deal with both hard and soft plastic waste)

The supporting tools are mostly claw knife structures, also called groove knives. During the rotation of the main shaft, they shear into strips while squeezing and cutting the materials through the claw head structure of the knife, thus achieving the effect of tearing the materials.

3.Pelletizing machines

The function of the granulator is to make plastic sheets or powdered plastic into small balls or granules suitable for molding.

The supporting tools are mostly pelletizer blades, also called V-shaped knifes, which has strong cutting force and high cutting efficiency.

4.Shearing machines

The main function is to adjust the size and shape of the waste by shearing the waste.

The supporting tools are mostly shredder knives. When the motor drives the transmission system to operate, the shearing tool rotates rapidly, so that the waste is sheared.

Overview,there are some common machines and the tools used in the plastic recycling industry.

So choosing a suitable supplier can make it easier for you to succeed.

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