How to choose the right slitting blades?

Upper slitting knives are widely used in different industries, like packaging, rubber, paper making, metal processing, food processing, etc. Do you know how to choose a suitable upper cutting knife? Firstly, you need to choose the right material of the blade. For most cutting applications, 1.2379 (D2, SKD11), HSS (M2, SKH-51/W6) can meet the requirements. If … Read more

Introduction to machines and blades for the plastic recycling industry

In recent years, as people’s environmental awareness has gradually increased, the plastic recycling industry has also received more and more attention. Then I will introduce the machine used in the plastic recycling industry and its supporting blades. 1.Balers Most balers are hydraulic presses, and their main function is to collect the cleaned plastic waste and … Read more

The introduction of oscillating knife

The oscillating knife is mainly installed on the oscillating knife cutting machine, which is powered by the power supply. It uses the servo motor to drive the blade to vibrate up and down at high frequency to cut the material, and the oscillating knife cutting machine can be matched with blades of different shapes and … Read more

The introduction of pneumatic knife

Pneumatic knife is also called bearing knife. It is mostly installed on pneumatic bearing and then installed on a knife holder. The blade is blown by air pressure to make the blade rotate. It’s suitable for cutting thicker materials, such as EVA, EPE, pearl cotton, sponge, foam board, corrugated paper, advertising PVC, asbestos board, sealing … Read more

How to choose a reliable knives&blades supplier

Industrial knives&blades are mainly classified circular blades, straight blades and toothed blades due to their different sizes and shapes. They can also be classified tear notch blades, cut-off knives according to the cut of the blade. Because it is widely used in various industries, foreign buyers must provide drawings or samples when purchasing various knives&blades. … Read more

Dişli bir bıçak nasıl iyi yapılır?

dişli kesme bıçağı

Bu tek tip dişli kesme bıçağı, 149,7x46x0,75 mm, Kalay kaplamalı, paketleme makinelerinde kurye torbaları, yırtılabilir plastik torbalar, çöp torbaları vb. kesmek için kullanılır. Karbon çeliği SK5(HRC52-54), karbondan üretilmiş çelik: SK7(HRC58-60), SS420(HRC48-52), HSS(HRC60-64) üç malzeme, ancak test sonucu HSS'nin en iyi malzeme olduğunu gösterdi. Dişleri işlemek o kadar kolay değil,… Read more