The introduction of pneumatic knife

Pneumatic knife is also called bearing knife. It is mostly installed on pneumatic bearing and then installed on a knife holder. The blade is blown by air pressure to make the blade rotate. It’s suitable for cutting thicker materials, such as EVA, EPE, pearl cotton, sponge, foam board, corrugated paper, advertising PVC, asbestos board, sealing gasket, etc.

Its working principle is to use the power generated by air compression to make the blade vibrate up and down at high frequency to cut the material.
The materials of it are mostly high-quality materials such as SKD11 and HSS.

And it’s generally used in the printing industry, plastic industry, and packaging industry.

Its advantage is using pneumatic pressure to achieve strong and balanced amplitude action, thereby achieving fast cutting operations.

The tool in the video is a pneumatic knife, specification: 77*19*5.2, material: SKD11.
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