How to choose a reliable knives&blades supplier

Industrial knives&blades are mainly classified circular blades, straight blades and toothed blades due to their different sizes and shapes. They can also be classified tear notch blades, cut-off knives according to the cut of the blade.

Because it is widely used in various industries, foreign buyers must provide drawings or samples when purchasing various knives&blades. And buyers must provide drawings or samples when purchasing knives&blades to ensure the adaptability of customized tools. This requires the tool supplier to have an experienced engineer to assist customers in modifying and confirming drawings and selecting raw materials for manufacturing tools.

At this point, we all think that the tool supplier has completed all the work. However, a qualified tool supplier must not only complete the above work, but also complete the following work with the assistance of the customer:

  1. Confirming with the customer for the brand, model and tool configuration of the machine, and accordingly tailor a tool maintenance plan for the customer.
  2. Confirming with the customer for the using environment,cutting material and type of the tool, such as the working temperature, using time, etc., and recommend the material for making the tool to the customer based on it.
  3. According to the materials of the knives&blades,we will give suggestions the frequency of the tools.

Overview,it is just a brief list of some of the regular services our company provides to clients. It also explains why the same tool that use in a same equipment can use a different time.

So choosing a suitable supplier can make it easier for you to succeed.

FEFO is definitely your best choice.

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